XML Plus

An extension for Fiddler

XML Plus is a simple extension made for Fiddler, which supplements the build-in XML viewer.

The XML Plus extension allows you to e.g.:

  • search for text in nodes
  • collapse and expand nodes with various shortcuts

Step 1: Download

The XML Plus extension is a DLL file that extends Fiddlers XML viewing features.

To use the extension start by downloading the XML Plus DLL file below:

Download XML Plus

Step 2: Install

After downloading the DLL file copy it to "%programfiles%\Fiddler2\Inspectors" to make the extension available to all users on your pc.

(Depending on your Windows settings, this could e.g. be "c:\Program Files\Fiddler2\Inspectors", "c:\Program Files (X86)\Fiddler2\Inspectors" or a similar folder path.)

Step 3: Use

After copying the DLL file to the proper folder, restart Fiddler if it is running.

The XML Plus extension will now be available in Fiddler next to your other extensions.

Feedback? We love to get ideas, bug reports and praise for XML Plus through xml.plus.extension@gmail.com